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Updates on 20 Apr 2021

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Impact of inflation on living expenses

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Escalating Plan

Growing payouts

If you’re worried about things being more expensive in the years ahead, the Escalating Plan is suitable for you. With monthly payouts that start lower initially but grow by 2% a year for life, the Escalating Plan can generally help you maintain your lifestyle even as prices of items increase.

Standard Plan

Steady payouts

If you prefer to keep within a fixed budget, the Standard Plan offers a steady monthly payout. Payouts do not grow to protect you against inflation so you’ll have to lower your lifestyle to buy less as things get more expensive in the years ahead.

Basic Plan

Progressively lower payouts

If you can lower your lifestyle to buy even lesser with progressively lower payouts in the future then the legacy Basic Plan is good enough. Monthly payouts start low and fall when your CPF balances fall below $60,000.

Managing payouts

Increasing payouts

Updating your preferences