Growing your savings

Cash top-ups and CPF transfers for retirement


Grow your retirement savings today.

By making a cash top-up or CPF transfer, you can grow your retirement savings to receive higher monthly payouts in the future. Depending on your age, cash top-ups and CPF transfers are directed to your Special or Retirement Account. You can make cash top-ups and CPF transfers to your loved ones as well.

It is an offence to make any false statement for any purpose connected with the Central Provident Fund Act.

Important notes

  • All fields are mandatory unless otherwise indicated.

To complete the form, you will need:

  • Your recipient’s NRIC, if you are making a cash top-up or CPF transfer to a loved one.
  • Additional documents if you are making a CPF transfer to a recipient for the first time.
  • Your banking app, payment app, or authentication token if you are using PayNow.
  • Your bank name and account number if you are using GIRO.
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