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What is the Retirement and Health Study?


The RHS is a longitudinal survey of Singapore residents’ retirement and healthcare needs and how they change over time. Selected individuals will be interviewed once every two years. The findings from the RHS will be used to improve ageing-related policies and services in Singapore.


Several countries have implemented similar longitudinal studies on retirement and health, such as the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Japan and China.

Appointed Survey Company


We have appointed Ascentiq Pte Ltd, a survey company in Singapore, to conduct the RHS 2022/23 interviews.  Ascentiq and its interviewers are required to adhere to strict measures on data security and protection.

Our interviewers will never ask you for your personal bank and Singpass login credentials (e.g. login passwords, token/SMS One-Time Password (OTP)). If you encounter any such requests, please contact us immediately.

How can I tell if the contacts regarding the RHS are legitimate?


Notifications from CPF Board:

  • For emails, ensure that the sender’s email address is correctly spelt and ends with
  • For SMS, ensure that the sender is “CPF Board” from 1 Aug 2022. We will not send SMS from other IDs.
  • Messages from CPF Board may contain links to the CPF website or other Government websites. Please check that the domain of such links end with “” before clicking on them.

Notifications / calls from survey company, Ascentiq:

  • For emails, ensure that the sender’s email address is correctly spelt and ends with
  • For WhatsApp messages, ensure that the sender’s number is 8725 1268.
  • For calls, ensure that the number is 8725 1268 or 6202 2763.

Interviewer from Ascentiq:

  • The interviewer will carry an authorisation letter issued by the CPF Board with the interviewer’s name and interviewer ID number printed on it, and a photo-ID card issued by Ascentiq.
  • The interviewer’s mobile number can be verified at
  • The interviewer’s ID number can be verified at

Why should I participate?


Share your experience with us

More than 22,000 individuals participated in the previous round of the RHS. We look forward to hearing from you in this round of the RHS. The information collected will help government agencies better design ageing-related policies and services in Singapore.


Token of our appreciation

We appreciate your time speaking to us. Upon completion of the interview, you will receive shopping vouchers.


Frequently Asked Questions


You can chat with Rosy (our new Chatbot) using Telegram for more information regarding the RHS 2022/23 or read the Frequently Asked Questions found below.

What have we learned from the Retirement and Health Study?


Data from the Retirement and Health Study have been used to study ageing-related issues. For example, we have studied the respondents’ retirement plans and uses of CPF withdrawals after age 55.  Please click on the links below for more information.


RHS Newsletters

RHS Insights


Summary of Findings

7 in 10 elderly Singapore residents received cash allowances from loved ones (PDF, 0.2MB) (Jul 2022)


In Singapore, family is one of the key pillars of social support. About seven in 10 elderly Singapore residents received regular cash allowances from their loved ones. This was higher among those who were above 75 years old, female, and widowed. The most common source of cash allowances was from children.

The Impact of Retirement on Health (PDF, 0.2MB) (Jan 2022)


Under the Retirement and Re-employment Act (RRA), employers are required to offer re-employment to eligible workers until the re-employment age (age 65 as at Dec 2021). This study found that the RRA delayed retirement, especially for workers in higher routine and lower manual jobs. The study also found that retirement raised healthcare utilisation, especially among men.

What do CPF members do with the cash withdrawals from their CPF after age 55? (PDF, 0.3MB) (Dec 2018)


Upon turning 55 years old, CPF members have the option of withdrawing part of their CPF savings in a lump sum. Around four in 10 CPF members aged 55 to 70 reported that they did not make any cash withdrawals after turning 55 years old, even though they had the option of doing so. Of those who made withdrawals, most deposited their funds in the banks, or used them to pay for near-term expenditure needs or big-ticket items.

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