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23 Feb 2024 


An infographic on the 10 uses of MediSave

Your CPF savings represent part of your life’s hard work. But what happens to them after you pass away? Are they transferred to the CPF account of your loved ones or taken to by the state? Neither of these are true.


Instead, your CPF savings will be given to your nominee(s) in cash via cheque or GIRO after your death. Read on to find out more about the distribution process.

How your CPF savings are distributed after your death

The CPF Board will be notified of your death by the relevant agencies and will contact your nominee(s) within 10 working days from the notification of your demise. There is no need for your family members or loved ones to inform the board of any death.

Your CPF savings will be distributed to your nominee(s) in cash

All your savings in your CPF accounts, which include those in your Ordinary, Special, Retirement (if applicable), and MediSave accounts will be distributed in cash to your CPF nominee(s).


If you have any discounted Singtel Shares (SDS) that were indicated in your nomination, the shares will be transferred to your nominee’s personal CDP Account or sold based on their instructions.

The same also applies for your unused CPF LIFE annuity premium (if applicable)

Your CPF LIFE premium balance, which is the total CPF LIFE premium that you have paid minus the total payouts you have received, will also be distributed to your nominee(s) together with any remaining CPF savings.

What happens if you do not make a CPF nomination?

An infographic on the 10 uses of MediSave

Your CPF savings will be paid to the Public Trustee Office for distribution in cash to your family member(s) in accordance with the intestacy laws or inheritance certificate (for Muslims) in Singapore if you have not made a CPF nomination.


Your family members will have to apply online through the Public Trustee’s Office to receive these funds. The identification and distribution process by the Public Trustee Office can take up to six months and there will also be an administrative fee.

Why you should make a CPF nomination 

A CPF nomination is an important part of your financial planning process and should be reviewed regularly. It should not be done only when you are of old age or in poor health.


With a proper CPF nomination, you can be assured that your CPF savings are distributed according to your wishes.

How to make a CPF nomination 

An infographic on the 10 uses of MediSave

Making a CPF nomination is a simple process that can be done either online or in-person at the CPF customer service centres located island wide. 


1) Visit the CPF nomination page 

2) Add your nominee details (name, NRIC/FIN/relationship/share to allocate)

3) Add the details of two witnesses (your witnesses are required to acknowledge the online nomination within a 7-day period)


1) Book a service centre appointment to visit any of the five CPF Service Centres

2) Bring your NRIC or passport, and photocopies of your nominees’ identification documents (IC or birth certificate)

3) Complete your CPF nomination form in the presence of two witnesses. The CPF Customer Service Executives can also act as your witnesses

Go E-asy with CPF booth

Special CPF nomination booths are set up every month at selected locations in the Jalan Besar neighbourhood. These booths are manned by CPF volunteers and offer immediate assistance to CPF members, especially seniors, who may face challenges in making CPF nominations.


The nomination booths are part of the “Breakfast with Love” programme (BWL) that is organised by the People’s Association for seniors in the area.


For those who have yet to make a nomination, wish to update an existing one, or simply want to understand more about the nomination process, you may sign up for one of the sessions on the CPF event page.

Ensuring that your CPF savings are distributed accordingly

Your CPF savings are distributed in cash and according to your wishes if you made a CPF nomination. Making a CPF nomination is a fuss-free process and can be done online or at any of the CPF Service Centres.

This article is part of our CPF answers series where we answer commonly asked questions. If you like this article, read more about the revised CPF monthly salary ceiling and why CPF is important!

The information provided in this article is accurate as of the date of publication.

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