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13 Feb 2024

SOURCE: MoneySense

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With so many tips on financial planning out there, it can be hard to ascertain if you are on the right track, especially if you do not have a financial adviser. 


To help Singaporeans proactively identify and plug gaps in their financial planning, MAS, together with the Association of Banks in Singapore, Association of Financial Advisers (Singapore) and Life Insurance Association, have developed a Basic Financial Planning Guide with rules of thumb to support those looking to take proactive steps to address their savings, insurance, and investment needs.

Scroll down to view the specially customised financial planning guide for your life stage!

Customised financial planning guides based on life stages

Check out the guides below for customised financial planning advice based on the different stages that you might be facing in your life.

1. Fresh entrants to the workforce (19-29 years old)  

Basic financial planning guide

2. Working adults looking to start a family (25-34 years old)

Basic financial planning guide

3. Working adults supporting aged parents (35-59 years old)

Basic financial planning guide

4. Working adults with children and supporting aged parents (35-59 years old)

Basic financial planning guide

5. Pre-retirees (55-64 years old)

Basic financial planning guide

6. Golden years (65 years old and above) 

Basic financial planning guide

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