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Make a CPF nomination


Nominate your loved ones to receive your CPF savings upon your demise.

To allow your loved ones to receive your CPF savings in cash conveniently when you pass on, you need to include your loved ones in a CPF nomination. Before you proceed, you should work out these details:


You can appoint up to 15 nominees in this form. If you wish to appoint more than 15 nominees, please visit a CPF Service Centre.


You will need to appoint 2 witnesses for a nomination. They must be at least 21 years old, must not lack mental capacity, and must have a Singpass. You and your CPF nominees cannot be witnesses to your nomination.

Disclosure of CPF information

You may choose to authorise CPF Board to disclose your CPF account information and nomination details to your nominees or other appointed persons. These appointed persons can request this information after your demise. Without your authorisation in this form, your account information and nomination details in this form will not be revealed to any person, including your nominees.

It is an offence to make any false statement for any purpose connected with the Central Provident Fund Act.

To complete the form, you will need:

  • For yourself: Mobile number or email address.
  • For nominees: Full name, identification number and email address.
  • For witnesses: Full name, identification number, email address and mobile number.
  • For persons to whom you want to authorise the disclosure of your CPF information: Full name and identification number.
  • If your nominee or witness is a foreigner: You will also need their mailing address in addition to the above information.
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