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Applicable for admissions or treatments received on or after 1 March 2021


Inpatient/day surgery

Claim limits

Daily Ward and Treatment Charges1

- Normal ward

$1,000 per day for the first two days; $800 per day thereafter

- Intensive care unit ward

$2,400 per day for the first two days; $2,200 per day thereafter

- Psychiatric (up to 60 days per policy year)

$160 per day

- Community hospital (Rehabilitative)2

$350 per day

- Community hospital (Sub-acute)2

$430 per day

- Inpatient palliative care service (general)

$250 per day

- Inpatient palliative care service (specialised)

$350 per day

Surgical procedures (PDF, 1.3MB)




- Table 1 A/B/C (less complex procedures)




- Table 2 A/B/C




- Table 3 A/B/C




- Table 4 A/B/C




- Table 5 A/B/C




- Table 6 A/B/C




- Table 7 A/B/C





$7,000 per treatment


$10,000 per treatment course

Continuation of autologous bone marrow transplant treatment for multiple myeloma

$6,000 per treatment

1 Includes meal charges, prescriptions, professional charges, investigations and other miscellaneous charges

2 Claimable only upon referral from a hospital after an inpatient admission or from a public hospital’s emergency department for further medical treatment.


Outpatient treatment

Claim limits

Cancer drug treatment1

$200 - $9,600 per month, depending on cancer drug treatment1

Cancer drug services

$1,200 per year

Radiotherapy for cancer

- External (except Hemi-body)

 $300 per treatment

- Brachytherapy

$500 per treatment

- Stereotactic

$1,800 per treatment

- Hemi-body

$900 per treatment

Kidney Dialysis

 $1,100 per month

Immunosuppressants for organ transplant

 $550 per month

Erythropoietin for chronic kidney failure

$200 per month

Long-term parenteral nutrition

$1,700 per month

1 Refer to the Cancer Drug List on the MOH website for the applicable claim limit.

Maximum claim limits


Maximum claim limits

Claim limits

Per policy year


Per lifetime

No limit


Excluded treatments and procedures

There are a number of standard exclusions which are not covered by MediShield Life.

Standard exclusions


Learn how to authorise the use of your MediShield Life or get reimbursed