Apply for CPF education loan

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Use CPF savings to finance your tuition fees.

This form lets you apply to use your CPF savings to pay for your children's, spouse's or your own subsidised tuition fees at approved educational institutions.

It is an offence to make any false statement for any purpose connected with the Central Provident Fund Act.

Important notes

  • Repayment of the CPF education loan will include both the principal and accrued interest. Interest starts to accrue once CPF savings are deducted from your lender’s Ordinary Account (OA).
  • Repayment will start 1 year after you graduate or leave your educational institution. The loan has to be fully repaid within 12 years.
  • More interest can be earned in your lender’s OA if you choose other financing options, such as the Ministry of Education Tuition Fee Loan.
  • Loan applications can only be made before your academic semester starts. View application schedule.
  • Repayment must be made in cash to your lender’s OA. You cannot use your own CPF savings to repay your education loan.