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05 Oct 2021



​​​Feeling overwhelmed by how the pace of life seems to go faster and faster? Amidst a ‘hustle culture’, the slow living movement offers a simple solution to transform lives for the better.

Slow living refers to a pace of life that is consciously slowed down to make space for appreciation of the everyday. The benefits of this mindset ripple across various areas of our lives, ranging from mental wellness and good spending habits, to promoting a sustainable lifestyle. Here are some ways to reap its benefits!

Infographic on ways that slow living can shape our finances

1.  Slow living can teach us to be more intentional with our purchases


The next time you are shopping, allow yourself time to consider whether your purchase decisions are based on needs or wants. By giving yourself a day to decide, you can avoid impulse buys that end up being unused. This also gives you time to do research and make sustainable choices that can last longer, and minimise repurchases. In light of a consumerist culture, this habit can help declutter your home, and reduce your carbon footprint too!

2.  Slow living can help us find more meaning in slower-paced hobbies


Hobbies don’t have to be expensive to be engaging. Spend some time to reflect on what makes you feel fulfilled, and reconnect with hobbies that you enjoyed as a kid. Be it knitting, gardening, reading or hiking to name a few, engaging in these activities can help you appreciate the beauty in life at almost no cost. On a similar note, enjoying simple pleasures such as a walk in the park or looking out of the window on a bus ride, can offer a priceless moment of peace.

3.  Slow living can teach us that small acts can amount to major results over time


In a world where technology has ingrained a culture of instant gratification, pacing our expectations can reduce the stress we place on ourselves. When it comes to retirement, it’s easy to feel daunted to the point that we postpone our savings plans indefinitely. Instead, finding value in saving little by little helps to spread out the weight, and enable it to grow steadily over time. For example, leveraging on attractive CPF rates by making small and regular CPF top-ups that you are comfortable with can help you feel more confident about enjoying a peaceful retirement.