CPF Withdrawal Calculator

This withdrawal calculator helps to estimate the lumpsum members can withdraw when they reach 55 years. The results provided are based on the CPF balances and the month / year of birth provided by the member.

Important Notes
  • It will take you about 2 minutes to key in the required values and obtain the results.
  • You will need to key the following information in the withdrawal calculator:

    1. Your CPF balances
    2. Your month and year of birth
  • Please read the Disclaimer before proceeding further.

  • All fields marked with are mandatory.

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Please enter your projected CPF balances when you reach age 55.

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e.g. 123.23
e.g. 123.23
e.g. 123.23

Please enter your month and year of birth

e.g. Month Year
Sorry, you have entered an invalid Birth Year. The Birth Year cannot be later than the current month and year. Please enter a valid Birth Year Sorry, this calculator is for those who are below 55. As you have reached age 55, you can log on to my cpf Online Services with your SingPass and view your estimated withdrawal amount under My Messages.

Note: This calculator is not applicable for members above 55.