Retirement Income

Withdraw CPF due to reduced life expectancy and claim life insurance

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Use this service if you have been certified to either have a reduced life expectancy due to a medical condition, or a total permanent disability.

This form allows you to make a CPF withdrawal and multiple insurance claims within a single application. You can:

  • Withdraw some of your CPF savings. Criteria apply.
  • Claim insurance benefits under the Home Protection Scheme. 
  • Claim insurance benefits under the Dependants' Protection Scheme. We will inform the insurer, Great Eastern Life, to process your claim.

Important notes:

  • To make a Dependants' Protection Scheme claim without also making a Home Protection Scheme claim or applying for a withdrawal, use the Great Eastern Life website.
  • Before you begin, ensure that you have updated your contact details and provided a bank account in Account settings. Please note that bank account is only required for CPF savings withdrawal.
  • PayNow service with GXS Bank Pte. Ltd. and MariBank Singapore Limited is not available for this withdrawal. Find out how to link a new bank account to PayNow via your NRIC number to receive withdrawals via PayNow, or update to a different bank account via Account settings to receive withdrawals via InterBank GIRO.
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