Retirement income

Plan my monthly payouts

Personalise your monthly payouts for your retirement needs

Age 65 is an important milestone in your CPF journey.

Use this service to:

  • Instruct us to start or defer your payouts
  • Know and decide on your options to increase your payouts
  • Visualise how your choices will affect your payouts
  • Confirm your bank account details if you decide to start payouts

Please submit your instructions via this service to customise the monthly payouts according to your needs. See what happens if you let your payouts start automatically.

Important notes

This service is only applicable to CPF members born in 1957 and later, who are at least 3 months away from payout eligibility age of 65.

Estimated time

  • 20 minutes
  • Please set aside enough time to complete this service. You will be making important decisions on your retirement income.