Manage education loan repayments

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Use this service to manage and repay your CPF education loans.

If you have a CPF education loan, use this service to manage monthly instalments or make one-off repayments in cash. If you are a full-time student, full-time National Serviceman, or currently unemployed, you can also defer repayments using this service.

If you are a lender you can repay the loans on your borrower's behalf. You can also waive your borrowers' loans once you have reached aged 55 and your savings have reached Full Retirement Sum.

Important notes:

  • This service is for loans that are due for repayment. To make repayments before they are due, write to us and indicate which month you want to start repayments.
  • To view loans that are fully repaid, waived or not due for repayment, check your Education dashboard.
  • If you are on a GIRO arrangement and need to pay for arrears, ensure that you have received a notification of arrears before making a repayment. Check the crediting sequence of repayments to find out more.