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Topping up your retirement savings refers to the Retirement Sum Topping-Up Scheme (RSTU). RSTU helps you build up your retirement savings with risk-free interest rates* and the power of compounding interest, allowing you to enjoy higher monthly payouts in retirement.


*Computed using the interest rate floor of 4.01% per annum on your Special Account.



1. You must be below 55 years old.


2. The transfer is irreversible, i.e. the amount cannot be transferred back to your Ordinary Account (OA).


3. The maximum amount that you can transfer from your OA to your Special Account (SA) is:

The lower of:

a. Your OA balances; or

b. Your top-up limit (see point 4).


4. The top-up limit is the maximum top-up amount a member can receive in his SA. The limit is computed based on the difference between the Current Full Retirement Sum (adjusted in January annually) and the sum of a member’s SA savings and net SA savings withdrawn under CPF Investment Scheme for investments that have not been completely disposed of.


5. In the event of death, any remaining top-ups to your CPF account will be paid to your nominees based on your CPF nomination. If there is no nomination, any remaining top-ups will be transferred to the Public Trustee for distribution in accordance with the intestacy laws or inheritance certificate (for Muslims) in Singapore. If you are leaving Singapore permanently and you close your CPF account, any remaining top-ups will be paid to you.


6. Transfers made using your CPF savings are not entitled to any tax relief.



Status of your Retirement Sum Topping-Up application


1. You can view the transaction online once your application is processed. Log on to myCPF Online Services, and view the top-up transaction in your Transaction History.


2. We will process your application generally within 5 working days upon receipt of your application and all relevant documents by CPF Board.