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Terms and Conditions

  1. You have read, understood and agreed to the information stated under Important Notes.

  2. You irrevocably authorise CPF Board to share your NRIC number and bank account information with the Government and other public sector agencies (including statutory boards) and authorised agents of the Government  (collectively, the “the Government and Paying Agencies”), for the purpose of crediting cash payments from the Government and Paying Agencies to you using the Account.

  3. You also authorise CPF Board to credit any payment due to you:
    a) under the CPF Act and its subsidiary legislation; and
    b) from the Government in respect of which CPF Board is the administrator, agent or trustee,
    to the Account.

  4. You irrevocably consent to and authorise the Bank, including any officer thereof, to disclose to CPF Board and the Government and Paying Agencies any information whatsoever relating to you and to the Account as is necessary for the purpose of verifying and making payment to my bank account. This consent shall survive the termination of the Account with the Bank and may be relied on and enforced as fully and effectively by the Bank as if it was addressed to the Bank.

  5. You understand that CPF Board, the Government and the Paying Agencies have the absolute discretion to decide whether to verify information relating to you or your Account. You will not hold CPF Board, the Government and the Paying Agencies responsible if they decide not to perform such verification.

  6. You shall at all times hereafter indemnify the Central Provident Fund Board and hold the Central Provident Fund Board harmless from and against all actions, proceedings, claims, liabilities, penalties, awards, damages, costs (including without limitation, legal costs of the Central Provident Fund Board on a solicitor and own client basis), expenses and any loss whatsoever, however arising, directly or indirectly, which the Central Provident Fund Board may be liable to incur or suffer as a result of releasing such CPF monies to you through your aforesaid bank account.

  7. You declare that the information and bank account details given in this application are correct and complete to the best of your knowledge.

  8. You declare that the property you own has remaining lease that can last you to at least 95 years old, if you have requested to withdraw your Retirement Account savings above the Basic Retirement Sum, or if you have requested to make a CPF transfer to your parent or grandparent and have not set aside your Full Retirement Sum in cash. You understand that your property needs to meet the above stated criteria for your withdrawal from your Retirement Account or CPF transfer to be approved.

  9. You understand that if you withdraw or transfer savings from your Retirement Account, your monthly payout may be reduced accordingly.

  10. You declare that if you are making a CPF transfer to your loved ones, you have also informed your loved ones of the Important Notes.

  11. You agree that top-ups are irrevocable (i.e. transfers using your CPF savings cannot be transferred back to your originating CPF Account(s)).