Terms and Conditions for Withdraw CPF due to reduced life expectancy (Caregiver)

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Eligibility Conditions and Payment

        a.     Members with a reduced life expectancy (RLE) due to medical conditions, as                 certified by an accredited doctor* (from public hospitals, polyclinics or a specialist),                 may apply to withdraw some of their CPF savings. Severe medical conditions that                 cause members to be permanently unfit for work or to lack mental capacity                 permanently can also be considered.


                * If the member’s doctor is not from public hospitals, polyclinics or a specialist, an                 independent assessment will be required from the Board’s panel of doctors.


       b.      Depending on the extent of the member’s reduced life expectancy and CPF                               balances, the member may withdraw


                     i.            a lump sum of $5,0001 or more from his Ordinary, Special and/or                                    Retirement accounts; and/or


                    ii.            MediSave Account (MA) savings after setting aside the minimum balance

                                   in his MA to ensure he has sufficient savings for his healthcare expenses.


       c.        The member may also need to set aside a reduced Retirement Sum (RS)2 in his                        Retirement Account (RA)3 from which he will receive monthly payouts4. The                              member will continue to receive monthly payouts from his Special Account (SA)                        first, followed by his Ordinary Account (OA) when his RA savings are depleted.


       d.       If the application is approved, the lump sum withdrawal rules at payout eligibility                      age will not be applicable to the member.


       e.        Payments under the RLE scheme will cease if the Board is satisfied that the                                member no longer meets the withdrawal conditions.


        f.        If the application is approved, the caregiver will receive the CPF savings by                    monthly instalments of $450 or such other amount as the Board may decide,                    until the balance is fully drawn.


                    1Excludes monies received under the Retirement Sum Topping-Up Scheme (RSTU)                 and Matched Retirement Savings Scheme.


                    2Only (i) cash balances that the member set aside in his RA at RLE approval, and                 (ii) after RLE approval, any top-up(s) under RSTU Scheme credited to his RA                 directly, any disbursement from SA and OA under paragraph c above and OA/SA                 transfers to his RA will contribute to determining the applicable RS that he has set                 aside in cash. 


                   3For a member who has used his RA monies to purchase an annuity, and if the RA                 monies used is equal to or more than the reduced RS, then he may withdraw his                 remaining RA monies (if any). Otherwise, he is required to set aside in his RA in                 cash, the difference between the reduced RS and the RA monies used for the                 annuity purchase. For a member who has an annuity not purchased with his RA                 monies or pension, which provides him with monthly payouts that is equal to or                 more than the maximum monthly payouts of the reduced RS, then he may                 withdraw all his RA monies (if any). 


                    4The member’s monthly payout rate is determined by the following formula:

Cash balance set aside

(including top-ups) in RA





Maximum payout rate

applicable to the member’s cohort

Reduced RS applicable

to member’s cohort