Declaration for MediShield Life suspension

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Terms and Conditions


Note: Please read through this section carefully, in particular, Point 2 on the conditions for the Board to cease suspension, Points 3 to 5 on your obligations and implications if Suspension ceases, before you submit this application(s) and after the Suspension application is approved. 

The INSURED(s) refers to the member who is applying to suspend the payment of premiums under the MediShield Life Scheme (i) for self, and/or (ii) for his/her child(ren)/ward(s) under age 21 years old.


  1. I declare that:

    a. during the 5 years immediately before the MediShield Life Scheme Administrator (“the Administrator”)1 receives this application(s), the INSURED(s) has lived outside Singapore with no intention to reside in Singapore;

    b. the INSURED(s)’s healthcare needs during the Suspension Period2 are adequately covered without claiming under the MediShield Life Scheme;

    c. I am the parent/legal guardian for INSURED(s) under 21 years old indicated in this application(s)3; and

    d. all the information provided by me in support of this application(s) is true and accurate.

  2. I understand that the Administrator may cease the Suspension of Collection of the INSURED(s)’s premiums under the MediShield Life Scheme, with effect from a date specified by the Administrator after any of the following occurs:

    a. a written application is made by or for the INSURED(s), in the manner required by the Administrator, to cease the Suspension;

    b. a claim is made under the INSURED(s)’s MediShield Life Scheme cover;

    c. the INSURED(s) was in Singapore for more than 140 days in total during any period of 5 years beginning not earlier than 5 years before the date the Administrator receives this application(s);

    d. the INSURED(s) does not satisfy or ceases to satisfy any of the Eligibility Criteria4 for Suspension;

    e. the INSURED(s) is liable to be arrested without a warrant under the Singapore Armed Forces Act (Cap. 295) or for any arrestable offence5, or has an outstanding warrant of arrest issued by a Singapore court;

    f. the information declared in this application is false or inaccurate.

  3. I understand that if the INSURED(s) ceases to be a Singapore citizen, the MediShield Life cover will automatically terminate upon the Administrator being updated of the cessation of the INSURED(s)’s Singapore citizenship and no further notification will be sent. In all other cases where there is any change to the INSURED(s)’s permanent residency status or citizenship status that may affect the INSURED(s)’s eligibility for Suspension, I agree to inform the Administrator as soon as possible. 

  4. I agree that, if the Suspension ceases, I will pay all of the INSURED(s)’s premiums (including compound interest6) which become due and payable during the Suspension Period by a date determined by the Administrator, unless the Suspension Period ends because the INSURED(s)’s7  MediShield Life Scheme cover has ended.

  5. I agree that if, on my application(s), the Administrator refunds any of the INSURED(s)’s premiums under the MediShield Life Scheme paid for policy years on or after the INSURED(s)’s Eligibility Date(the “Refunded Amount”):

    a. the Refunded Amount will become due and payable from the start of the Suspension Period and compound interest will accrue on the Refunded Amount during the Suspension Period in the same way as interest accrues on the INSURED(s)’s other premiums during the Suspension Period;

    b. the Collection of the Refunded Amount (including compound interest that accrues on the Refunded Amount) will be suspended during the Suspension Period; and

    c. if the Suspension ceases, I will pay the Refunded Amount (including the compound interest) which becomes due and payable during the Suspension Period by a date determined by the Administrator, unless the Suspension period ends because the INSURED(s)’s MediShield Life Scheme cover has ended.7

  6. I agree that all information and documents provided in this application(s) or which are in the Administrator’s possession may be used by the Administrator and/or the Ministry of Health and/or shared with any Government Ministry, Government Department, Statutory Board or any other person or entity as approved by the Ministry of Health, for the following purposes:

    a. to assess the INSURED(s)’s eligibility for, and to administer, the Suspension or Refund applied for;

    b. to administer the MediShield Life Scheme;

    c. to evaluate the INSURED(s)’s suitability and eligibility for any healthcare related services and schemes provided by the Government and such statutory boards and entities involved in or assisting in the provision and delivery of such services and schemes (“Healthcare Schemes and Services”);

    d. to administer and provide for (or to assist in the administration and provision) of the Healthcare Schemes and Services;

    e. to perform data analysis, evaluation and policy formulation, in which the INSURED(s) shall not be identified as specific individuals or households.

  7. I agree that any information relating to the INSURED(s) in the possession of any Government Ministry, Government Department, Statutory Board or any other person or entity (the “Third Parties”) may be disclosed by the Third Parties to the Administrator, and used by the Administrator and/or Ministry of Health for the purposes of processing this application(s); and that this extracted information may be shared with other persons or entities in accordance with Point 6 above.

  8. I understand that under the Enlistment Act, Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents must serve National Service (NS), which includes full-time NS and Operationally Ready OS (ORNS). The INSURED(s) must serve NS when he is called upon to do so even if he is granted Suspension.

  9. I understand that any outstanding premiums before the start of Suspension must still be paid and will make the necessary arrangements for the payment of these premiums.

  10. I understand that the terms and conditions of the Suspension and Refund (if any) are subject to the applicable laws as may be changed from time to time. The Board may, by notice, change these terms and conditions from time to time by either posting the new terms and conditions on Unless indicated otherwise, the changes will apply to you and will be effective as of the date the changes are posted on You are advised to check regularly. We may also choose to inform you by other means of communication. Your continued participation in the scheme or the use of the Board’s services constitutes acceptance of the new terms and conditions.

1 MediShield Life Scheme is administered by the Central Provident Fund Board (the Administrator).


2 The Suspension Period will start on a date specified by the Administrator when this application(s) is approved and will end when the INSURED(s)’s MediShield Life Scheme cover ends or the Suspension is earlier ceased by the Administrator.


3 Only applicable in relation to INSURED(s) who is aged under 21 years old.


4 The current Eligibility Criteria is set out here and may be changed from time to time.


5 An arrestable offence is an offence for which a police officer may ordinarily arrest without warrant according to the third column of the First Schedule of the Criminal Procedure Code or under any other written law.


6 The interest rate is currently 4% per year and will be subject to applicable laws as may be amended from time to time. Interest will be imposed and computed on a compounded basis on full policy years that have passed. Table 1 provides a hypothetical illustration if Suspension ceases in the third year. Please refer to for updates.


7 For INSURED(s) under 21 years old whose Suspension application(s) was made by the parent/legal guardian, the parent/legal guardian who had made this application(s) shall be liable for the premiums (including compound interest6) incurred before INSURED(s) turn age 21.


8 The Eligibility Date will be determined by the Administrator when this application(s) is approved.

9After accounting for Additional Premiums and subsidies, if applicable. Additional Premiums of 30% of standard premiums for first 10 years are payable by those with serious pre-existing conditions.


Table 1: Hypothetical Illustration of Total Premiums and Compound Interest if Suspension ceases in the third year

Year from
Start of Suspension
Net Premiums5 ($) 
Amount Due (Net
Premiums + Compound
Interest4) ($)
Compound Interest ($)
[B] - [A]
Year 1 800.00 800 x 1.04 x 1.04 x 1.04 = 899.89  99.89
Year 2 800.00 800 x 1.04 x 1.04 = 865.28 65.28
Year 3 800.00 800 x 1.04 = 832.00   32.00
Total Premiums and Compound Interest payable if Suspension ceases in Year 3 899.89 + 865.28 + 832.00
= 2597.17

Note: All the numbers set out in Table 1 are illustrative. The Insured’s actual premiums and interest will take into account the actual prevailing premiums (subject to prevailing GST) based on the premium schedule for the Insured’s age band, Additional Premiums (if any) and eligible subsidies.

The premium schedule and interest rate may be revised from time to time and are published on