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Additional important notes

  • Upon your passing, your nominees and eligible family members under intestacy laws/Inheritance Certificate (for Muslims) will be allowed to access your CPF account information.

  • CPF Board will reject the nomination if any of the conditions listed are not met, or if our attempts to contact you for verification on the details provided in the nomination are unsuccessful.

Important information on CPF Nomination Scheme

  1. You should make a nomination if you want to distribute your CPF savings according to your wishes when you pass on. The Public Trustee’s Office (PTO) charges a fee for the administration and distribution of your un-nominated CPF savings. Please visit the PTO's website or MUIS's website for details on how un-nominated CPF savings will be distributed.
  2. The assets covered under a CPF nomination will be distributed in cash to your nominee(s). If you would like to distribute your CPF savings to your nominees’ CPF accounts or set aside your CPF savings for the long term care of children with special needs, please visit our Service Centres. Alternatively, you can Write to Us for more information.
  3. Please note that:
    1. A marriage will automatically revoke an existing nomination, if any.
    2. A divorce does not revoke an existing nomination, if any.
    3. A will cannot be used to distribute CPF savings, if any.
    4. If any of your nominees is below the age of 18 years at the time your CPF savings are paid out, his/her share will be forwarded to the PTO for administration until he/she reaches 18 years of age.
    5. If any of your nominees is an undischarged bankrupt on and from the date of your death, CPF Board will be legally obliged to inform the Official Assignee (OA) of any assets that are due to him/her as his/her estate is vested in the OA by virtue of the laws in Singapore relating to bankruptcy.
    6. If your nominee(s) passes away before you, the deceased nominee’s share will be re-distributed to the surviving nominee(s) in the same proportion as you have specified. If there are no surviving nominees, your CPF savings will be transferred to PTO for distribution to your family members under the Intestacy laws/Inheritance Certificate (for Muslims).
    7. If you get married after making this nomination, and your marriage is not registered with Registry of Marriages or Registry of Muslim Marriages (e.g. overseas marriage), please notify the Board by submitting this form.  
  4. Assets covered under CPF Nomination#
    1. Savings in the Ordinary, Special, MediSave and Retirement Accounts;
    2. Unused CPF LIFE premiums, if any;
    3. Discounted Singtel (ST) shares

    #In the absence of a nomination, Discounted Singtel (ST) shares will vest in CPF Board for distribution to your estate; and the savings in the Ordinary, Special, MediSave and Retirement Accounts will be forwarded to the PTO for distribution.
  5. Assets not covered under CPF Nomination
    1. Cash and investments held in the CPF Investment Scheme-Ordinary Account (CPFIS-OA);
    2. Investments held under the CPF Investment Scheme-Special Account (CPFIS-SA);
    3. Dependants’ Protection Scheme (DPS) claim proceeds*; and
    4. Properties bought with CPF savings**.

    Assets marked a. and b. form part of the deceased's estate.
    *For DPS claim proceeds, please approach your insurer for more information.
    **The treatment of the deceased’s share of the property is dependent on the manner of holding.
    A. Joint Tenancy – ownership of property will be transferred to the surviving owner(s).
    B. Tenancy-in-Common – the deceased’s share of property will form part of his estate
  6. For more information about this scheme, please refer to the CPF nomination page.