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A. CPF Withdrawal Conditions

  1. If a member lacks mental capacity, is unable to make any application to the Board, and the Board is satisfied that his lack of capacity is likely to be permanent, the Deputy may apply for the withdrawal of his CPF savings by completing this application form.

  2. Upon approval of the application, the member’s CPF savings will be forwarded to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) to settle his tax liabilities (if any).  

B. CPF Withdrawal Procedures and Documents required

  1. Please return the completed form to: -

    Retirement Withdrawals Department (55-WDL)
    Central Provident Fund Board
    Robinson Road P.O. Box 3060
    Singapore 905060

    with the following documents:     
    1. A photocopy of the member’s identity cards;

    2. An original bank statement showing the Trust bank account number;

    3. A copy of the Lasting Power of attorney directing the appointment of the donee under the Mental Capacity Act (Cap 177A), which has been certified true by an advocate or solicitor of the Singapore court; and

    4. A medical report or certification from a qualified *registered medical practitioner (a psychiatrist or neurologist) stating that the member lacks mental capacity and that the lack of capacity is likely to be permanent.

  2. Alternatively, you may bring the form together with the original documents to any of our CPF Service Centres. Our Customer Service Executive will assist you to complete the form and certify the documents.

    *A registered medical practitioner refers to a person who is registered as a medical practitioner under the Medical Registration Act (Cap. 174)

  3. If your application is completed overseas, your application form and all supporting documents must be witnessed and / or certified true by an official from a Singapore Overseas Mission with his official seal / stamp duly affixed. You may wish to visit the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs website ( to locate the Singapore Overseas Mission nearest to you.

C. Payment

  1. Payment will be credited to the Trust bank account stated in Page 1 of this form. If the bank account information Is not furnished or incomplete, we will issue a cheque in Singapore Dollars. (Note: For overseas bank clearance of cheque, you will need to bear all bank charges.)

  2. Payment will be made within 10 working days upon the receipt of the application and supporting documents.