Top-ups by CPF members crosses $4 billion before the end of 2021

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The amount of top-ups made by CPF members to their CPF accounts has crossed $4 billion for the first time. This surpasses the record $3 billion in top-ups made by 140,000 CPF members under the Retirement Sum Topping-Up Scheme (RSTU)1 last year. As at Nov 20212, more than 220,000 members topped up more than $4 billion to their own or their loved ones’ retirement savings. 


Of the CPF members who made top-ups, more than half of them (over 127,000), were first timers who had either topped up for themselves or for their loved ones. The number of first timers has already doubled compared to the whole of 2020 and 1 in 2 are above 50 years old. 


“I started topping up my CPF recently after learning more about the benefits from my friend as well as researching and reading up on my own. I wish I had learned all these earlier as I would have put in more into my CPF savings earlier to enjoy higher monthly payouts when I retire in two years. Now, wherever possible, I will share my experience with my friends and family. I’m glad that some have taken my advice and started making top-ups to maximise their CPF savings,” explained Mdm Jenny Lim, 63 years old. 


Group Director from the Retirement Income Group, Mrs Tan Chui Leng said, “We are heartened that more CPF members are taking concrete steps to save more for higher payouts during their retirement. We encourage our younger members to do so early as their retirement savings will more than double in 20 years with the attractive interest rate of up to 5%.”


For greater convenience and faster crediting, members can top up electronically via the CPF website or CPF mobile app. Top-ups need not be in a lump sum and can also be made in small amounts via GIRO throughout the year. We have also implemented eGIRO, which allows members to submit their GIRO application digitally and have it approved almost instantaneously.  


Members are encouraged to top up before the end of 2021 to enjoy tax relief of up to $14,0003 for next year’s Tax Assessment on their cash top-ups. Visit to find out more about the Retirement Sum Topping-Up Scheme.





2 The top-ups made under the RSTU comprise both cash top-ups and transfer of CPF savings and could be made to members themselves or their loved ones. Top-ups would help to increase the monthly payouts of the recipient in retirement. 


3 Currently, members can enjoy tax relief equivalent to the amount of cash top-ups made to their own CPF account, up to $7,000 per calendar year. If they are also making top-ups for their loved ones – parents, parents-in-law, grandparents, grandparents-in-law, spouse and siblings, they can enjoy additional tax relief of up to $7,000 per calendar year. From 1 Jan 2022, top-ups to the Special, Retirement and MediSave accounts would be eligible for tax relief of up to $8,000 per calendar year for top-ups to self and loved ones respectively. Terms and conditions apply.