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Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board’s Service Centre located in Tampines has officially re-opened on 10 September 2022. This is part of CPF Board’s plan to refresh and rejuvenate all five CPF Board service centres to cater to the evolving needs of Singaporeans.


Tampines Service Centre has opened its doors with a new look and feel. Ms Janice Lai, Group Director, Customer Relations Group, explained that the revamp was intended to create a space that catered to the changing needs of the population, especially for residents living in and around Tampines. “We want Tampines Service Centre to be a space that not only addresses members’ queries face-to-face, but also one where we can interact with them through smaller group workshops to help them better plan and manage their retirement journey.”


Tampines Service Centre is the first service centre to have an E-Xperience Space where members will be able to attend an array of workshops conducted by CPF officers, volunteers and other public sector agencies like the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) through its SG Digital Office (SDO). Residents who wish to have hands-on sessions on how to use their own mobile devices to transact digitally with the Board can look forward to these sessions.


She shared that the team undertaking the revamp had considered the needs of residents and deliberately incorporated design thinking in the planning of spaces around the theme of inclusivity. For instance, seniors or members using wheelchairs and personal mobility devices (PMDs) will be served in a dedicated room near the entrance for their convenience. There is also a self-help kiosk that is designed to be height adjustable for easy access.


Beyond CPF services, the Service Centre will also be a place where residents can upskill themselves. In line with IMDA’s Digital for Life (DfL) national movement, Digital Ambassadors will be stationed at the Service Centre to guide seniors in one-to-one sessions that are tailored to suit their pace of learning and preferred language.


Mr Douglas Goh, Director, SG Digital Office and DfL Secretariat said “Together with CPF Board, IMDA is excited to present these digital learning workshops to support our citizens in embracing the convenience of digital solutions in their lives. I encourage residents to approach the Digital Ambassadors located at Tampines Service Centre, Community Clubs and public libraries, to pick up digital skills and knowledge to navigate an increasingly digital world safely.”


CPF Board has been progressively revamping its five service centres since 2016. Apart from Tampines Service Centre, CPF Board re-opened Woodlands Service Centre on 29 August 2022 after a revamp.