New service to help two million employees track monthly CPF contributions

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The CPF Board has officially launched its CPF Contribution Alert service (公积金入款通知服务) today, benefiting over two million CPF members1. This service sends an alert through email and push notifications from the CPF Mobile app to members when their monthly CPF contributions are credited. Members can now easily verify the declared wages and CPF contributions paid by their employers.   


This value-added service caters to members who want to know if their employers had made CPF contributions for them, and whether they had done so accurately and promptly. The CPF Board had received positive feedback from members who received the alerts in the pilot phase. Over 16,000 members gave an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 points for this service. 


Members said the CPF Contribution Alert had encouraged them to check their CPF contributions more actively and not take for granted that the contributions tallied with the amount indicated in their pay slips. In addition to that, they also liked the convenience of the service as it allows them to check their contributions easily without the need to log in to their CPF accounts.  


Director for the Collection Services Department Mr Liu Lung Kwan (廖泷钧,公积金局收款服务部 署长) said, “With the CPF Contribution Alert service, if employees discover any discrepancies in their CPF contributions, they can inform their employers promptly. Employers are expected to rectify the errors without delay. Employees who are unable to get a satisfactory response from employers can lodge a report with CPF Board. Such early reporting prevents arrears from snowballing and improves the chances of recovery.” 


Members who would like to receive the CPF Contribution Alert can register their email address with CPF Board through the CPF website. Alternatively, members can download the CPF Mobile application and enable personalised notifications. Notifications have to be enabled for their mobile devices. More details on the CPF Contribution Alert can be found in the Annex



Including Singapore citizens and permanent residents (PRs) from their third year of PR status. First-year and second-year PRs do not receive the alert as they contribute to CPF at graduated rates and are not yet fully assimilated into the CPF system.