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From 1 October 2018, the CPF Investment Scheme (CPFIS) will be enhanced to better suit members who have the knowledge and time to invest and are prepared to take investment risk. Members who either do not have the knowledge or time, or are not prepared to take investment risk are advised to leave their monies in CPF to earn risk-free interest rates instead. The changes were announced at the Ministry of Manpower Committee of Supply Debate in March 2018.


The enhancements are:

  1. Introduction of Self-Awareness Questionnaire

    A Self-Awareness Questionnaire (SAQ) will be introduced as part of the process of opening a CPFIS account from 1 October 2018. The SAQ will help CPF members assess whether CPFIS is suitable for them by providing them with feedback on their level of basic financial knowledge.

    Members can participate in the CPFIS after taking the SAQ, regardless of the feedback. CPF members who already have a CPFIS account are not required to take the SAQ, but are strongly encouraged to do so.

  2. Reduction of sales charge and maximum wrap fee

    To reduce the cost of investing, the following fee cap reductions will be made from 1 October 2018:
  Current From 1 October 2018
Sales charge (for new CPFIS purchases) 3% 1.5%
Wrap fee (for existing and new accounts) 1% 0.7%


Sales charges are upfront fees paid to intermediaries upon the purchase of funds while wrap fees cover advisory services and the costs to maintain the wrap account.



Public enquiries


Members with enquiries may call the CPF Call Centre on 1800-227-1188 or contact us at