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From 1 August 2022, CPF Board will send SMSes using only the sender ID “CPF Board” on matters pertaining to their CPF, Workfare and Silver Support. We will stop using sender IDs “SG-Workfare” and “SG-SSS”. 


To prevent scammers from impersonating the CPF Board by sending SMSes using “CPF Board” sender ID, we have registered this new sender ID with the Singapore SMS Sender ID Registry (SSIR) set up by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA). Registering with SSIR identifies and blocks spoofed messages upfront. Only SMSes from CPF Board will be delivered using the sender ID “CPF Board”. Members can be assured that all SMSes from sender ID “CPF Board” are legitimate messages from us. 


CPF members who have registered their mobile numbers with us will receive an SMS from 20 July 2022 on this change. We encourage members to retain this SMS on their mobile phones so that members can be assured that any future SMSes received on this same sender ID would be legitimate. Any SMSes purporting to be sent by CPF Board on any other Sender ID should be ignored and deleted.


As we continue to bolster our cybersecurity, members are reminded to remain alert and recognise scam signs to protect themselves and their loved ones. For example, they can check if links leading to Government websites contain the domain “” and reject calls with the prefix “+65”, as they are likely to be overseas calls. When in doubt, members should always verify the information with official websites or the Government agency directly.