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  • CPF Board reaching out to members at roadshows on how they can act now for a better retirement


The CPF Retirement Planning Roadshow series is back again this year with a whole new slew of interactive activities to engage CPF members island-wide. Organised by the CPF Board (CPFB) as part of its Big ‘R’ Chat campaign - an ongoing outreach initiative to create awareness of the holistic role of the CPF system in retirement planning - this year’s series of roadshows will be held over five weekends from August to November 2017 at various locations with a targeted reach of over 80,000 members. It will see staff from across the Board stepping forward to encourage CPF members to act now for a better retirement with their CPF.



Reaching out as one TEAM CPF


In true TEAM CPF spirit, CPFB staff of all ages from across the Board have stepped forward as volunteers for the 2017 CPF Retirement Planning Roadshows. These volunteers range from customer service executives to staff from non-frontline departments such as Information Technology and Human Resource. Armed with their knowledge of CPF schemes and personal experience, these staff volunteers seek to help members gain a better understanding of how CPF supports their retirement, and inspire them to take tangible actions now to make the most of their CPF savings for themselves and their loved ones, such as through CPF transfers or cash top-ups to their CPF accounts.



A fun and interactive take on retirement planning with CPF


In response to positive feedback from members who visited previous CPF roadshows, this year’s roadshows will again feature a wide-range of interactive exhibits to help visitors learn about the different ways in which CPF supports them in their retirement and the simple steps to take to better prepare for their golden years. For example, through the use of the Retirement Estimator at the roadshows, visitors can find out how much they need to save for retirement and how CPF LIFE helps to meet their desired monthly income in retirement. Visitors can also take a walk through a life journey of a typical Singaporean and learn how choices they make in key life stages have an impact on their future at an Augmented Reality experience booth. Other fun activities which visitors can enjoy at the roadshow with their entire family include a life-sized Jenga game and claw machines. Please see Annex A for the schedule of the CPF Retirement Planning Roadshows.


Mr Ng Chee Peng, Chief Executive Officer of CPFB, said, “CPFB has intensified our outreach efforts over the past few years. We want to connect with our members at a personal level to help make retirement planning less daunting. The large number of CPFB staff volunteers at this year’s roadshows is a testament of our commitment to help members on their retirement planning journey, and the options they have to make it even better. We are also using digital platforms to make information on the CPF system more engaging and accessible to everyone.”


In an effort to continue to engage our members in fun and unique ways, the 2017 Big ‘R’ Chat campaign has various digital platforms for members to learn how they can build up their own and their loved ones’ retirement savings. One such example is the Big ‘R’ Chat microsite, where members can make use of online visualisation tools to obtain estimates of how much their savings can grow when they do yearly or monthly cash top-ups to their CPF account, or how much CPF Ordinary Account savings they can build up if they choose to service their housing monthly instalments with a combination of cash and CPF.




About the Big ‘R’ Chat campaign


Initiated in 2015, the Big ‘R (Retirement)’ Chat integrated campaign is part of the CPF Board’s ongoing outreach initiative to create awareness and understanding of the holistic role of the CPF system in retirement planning. It aims to make it easier for members to become better informed about CPF benefits and enhancements so that they can better plan for their future.


Annex A: Schedule of roadshows


Venue Date Time
Toa Payoh HDB Hub 12- 13 August 11 am - 6pm
Our Tampines Hub 16 - 17 September 11 am - 6pm
Canopy @ J Link 30 September - 1 October 11 am - 6pm
Suntec City West Atrium 21 - 22 October 11 am - 6pm
Compass One 4 -5 November 11 am - 6pm