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Lianhe Zaobao, 7 Aug
Voices, Pg 10



We refer to Ms Lee Yi Mei’s letter, “Who is responsible for lost CPF contribution letter” (2 August 2019).


Our records show that Ms Lee’s establishment had defaulted on CPF contributions multiple times in the past; 5 times in the last two years alone. Many employees, such as those who are servicing their monthly mortgage with CPF, depend on timely CPF contributions. Therefore, a calibrated approach of escalating late payment charges are imposed for repeated offences.


To ensure that their employees receive their CPF contributions on time, 9 in 10 employers pay electronically, either through the CPF website, mobile phones or AXS stations located island-wide. Those who choose to mail their CPF contributions using cheques risk having them lost in transit. Hence, it is the responsibility of these employers to check with the banks to ensure that their CPF contributions have been properly credited by the due date.


Ms Lee also asked about the difference in treatment by the two CPF staff. This is a misunderstanding. We have reached out to her to clarify.


To avoid instances of late or incorrect CPF contributions, we encourage all employers to pay electronically. Employers who need assistance to adopt e-payments may call the Board at 6220 2340, email, or sign up for the next Employer Classroom session on 23 Aug via the CPF website.



Irene Kang (Ms)

Group Director (Communications)

Central Provident Fund Board