Eligibility for home insurance is reassessed in certain cases

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The Straits Times Online, 7 May



We thank Mrs Ng Kim Yong for her letter (“Blind person not given HDB home insurance”; ST Online Forum, 27 April).


The Home Protection Scheme (HPS) is a mortgage-reducing insurance that protects surviving family members from losing their homes in the event of death, terminal illness or total permanent disability (TPD) of the insured member.


To ensure that the scheme remains viable and that HPS premiums are kept affordable for all insured members, the eligibility for HPS is subject to an applicant being in good health at the point of HPS application.


Cases involving total blindness were rejected as such members already qualify for claim under TPD ground.


However, for exceptional cases where members already meet the TPD claim criteria (such as total blindness) but might be otherwise healthy, we have reviewed the application process and will contact the members to reassess their eligibility for HPS cover.


We have explained the matter to Mrs Ng and arranged a medical examination for her friend to reassess his eligibility.



Irene Kang (Ms)

Group Director (Communications)

Central Provident Fund Board