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You may have come across social media posts and messages that claim that the Government has quietly shifted the “retirement payout age” to 70 for the Retirement Sum Scheme (RSS). This is not true and here are the facts. Do share this with your friends and loved ones.


4 Facts About The CPF Payout Eligibility Age

  1. The Payout Eligibility Age (PEA) for members born from 1954 onwards is 65 years old. This means that members can start receiving their monthly payouts anytime from age 65. This was announced in 2007 and has not changed.

  2. Before members reach their PEA, they will receive a letter from the CPF Board informing them that they can start their monthly payouts using the enclosed application form or applying online. Members are also reminded through their Yearly Statement of Account that they can apply to start their payouts.

  3. Prior to 2018, if members did not apply to start their RSS payouts from age 65, the payouts would not start at all as there was no automatic start age for payouts. As a result, some members did not start their payouts even after age 70. The Board therefore introduced the automatic starting of payouts for members turning age 70 from Jan 2018 onwards, to simplify the activation process and let members start enjoying a retirement income from their CPF savings.

  4. Similarly, the automatic start age of 70 applies to CPF LIFE members who turn age 55 from July 2015, if they have not informed us of their wish to start their payouts between the ages of 65 and 70. This enables members to enjoy higher payouts, which is in line with the CPF Advisory Panel’s recommendation to offer members the option of deferring the payout start age up to age 70.

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