Miscalculation made in video on shocking secret on CPF

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You may have come across a YouTube video that claims to reveal “Shocking secret about CPF LIFE that most people aren’t aware of”.


The creator of the video has miscalculated the amount of premiums paid to join CPF LIFE. This error led to the misleading conclusions in the video. Contrary to the wrongful claim made by the creator, all CPF LIFE members will get back at least the amount of premium that they paid to join CPF LIFE, either in the form of payouts to themselves, or to their beneficiaries upon death, regardless of when they die.


We have contacted the creator of the video to inform him of the miscalculation.


Members are encouraged to refer to the CPF website for official information on CPF LIFE. Those who would like to have a more personalised information on their payouts can write to us at cpf-life@cpf.gov.sg.