Mdm Carena Tan’s appeal to withdraw CPF for son’s medical treatment

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You may have come across an article circulating online involving Mdm Carena Tan, who appealed to withdraw her CPF for her son’s alternative medical treatment overseas.


Mdm Tan is 56 years old, and had drawn out part of her CPF last year. Her son is 25 years old. It is important for Mdm Tan to preserve her CPF savings because these are needed for herself and son later on. To help her, Mdm Tan and her son have been receiving monthly ComCare assistance since Jan 2018.


Her son has been receiving appropriate treatments at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH), and his current treatment at IMH is fully covered as he is being assisted under ComCare. IMH will continue to render the necessary support and financial assistance to the patient and his family. Mdm Tan can also approach the Medical Social Worker at the IMH if they require further assistance. The Family Service Centre and the Medical Social Worker are working together to support Mdm Tan in caring for her son.


Our agencies and VWO community partners will continue to support her family in this time of need.


(Response by Central Provident Fund Board, Ministry of Social and Family Development and Ministry of Health)

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