5 Facts You Should Know About CPF

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You might have seen online posts or messages that begin with “Dear CPF Board, you are the appointed agency to manage my retirement fund …” and are signed off by “Your Friend”. These posts and messages are misleading. Here’s our reply to our Friend. Share this with your friends and loved ones who may benefit from knowing more about CPF.



5 Facts You Should Know About CPF

  1. Your CPF monies are safely invested in Special Singapore Government Securities which have been rated AAA by international credit rating agencies. AAA is the strongest credit rating possible.

  2. You commented that CPF savings earn only 2.5% interest, and there is no choice on how the monies are invested. The truth is, CPF monies earn at least 2.5%. With the extra 1% interest earned on the first $60,000, CPF savings in the OA earn up to 3.5%; SA, MA and RA earn up to 5% per year. Maybe this is why more members are voluntarily putting in cash into CPF. Over 60,000 did so in 2017.

  3. You have the option to invest through the CPF Investment Scheme to get higher expected returns. But think carefully. Some who invested found they didn’t manage to beat the CPF interest rate while other even lost money.

  4. We’re living longer, so our savings must also last us longer. That’s why since 1987, CPF members have had to set aside a Retirement Sum when we reach 55. Today, that sum gives us a monthly payout from CPF LIFE for as long as we live.

  5. After 55, all CPF members can withdraw at least $5,000. Those who own a property can withdraw monies above the Basic Retirement Sum in a lump sum.

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