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MediShield Life is a basic health insurance scheme with benefits designed to cover subsidised bills, i.e. hospitalisations in Class B2/C wards, and subsidised outpatient treatments and day surgeries in public healthcare institutions. Hence, non-subsidised bills are pro-rated before the claims under MediShield Life are computed.


Similarly, Permanent Residents who receive less subsidies than Singapore Citizens at public hospitals will also have their bills pro-rated before claims under MediShield Life are computed. The applicable pro-ration factors are shown in the table below.

Pro-ration factors for MediShield Life claim
​Ward class / Subsidy status Singapore citizen Permanent resident
Class C 100% 44%​
​Class B2
​100% ​58%
Class B2+ ​70% ​47%
Class B1 ​43% ​38%
​Class A
35% 35%
​Private Hospital
​25% ​25%
​Community Hospital (Subsidised) ​​100%  ​​50% 
​Community Hospital (Non-subsidised) ​50%  ​50% 
​Inpatient Palliative Care Service (Subsidised)
​Inpatient Palliative Care Service (Non-subsidised)
50%​ 50%​
​Short Stay Ward (Subsidised)
​100% ​58%
​Short Stay Ward (Non-subsidised)
​35% ​35%
​Day Surgery (Subsidised)
100% ​ ​58%
Day Surgery (​Public Hospital Non-subsidised)
​35% ​35%
​Day Surgery (​Private Hospital)
​25% ​25%
Outpatient Treatment (Subsidised)1
​100% ​67%
Outpatient Treatment (Non-subsidised)1, 2 ​50% ​50%

1  Continuation of Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant for Multiple Myeloma will follow the outpatient pro-ration factors

2  Non-subsidised bills for outpatient cancer treatments and home parenteral nutrition will be pro-rated. Bills for dialysis-related treatments and immunosuppressants will not be pro-rated.