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Updates on 20 Apr 2021

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CPF Employer Hotline

We strive to pick up your call within 60 seconds. However, the wait can be as long as 15 minutes when there is high call volume.


To avoid waiting, you may write to us with your enquiry.


We aim to reply to you within five (5) working days* from the day of receipt.  


To help us respond to you more quickly, please ensure your email address is updated and write to us at Write to us. Otherwise, it may take up to a month for you to receive a hardcopy reply.


For enquiries with information available on our website, please self-help by referring to our employer FAQ page for employer-related enquiries.


This is the quickest way to get an answer. For enquiries where answers are available in our FAQs, we may not reply.


* "Working days" refer to Mondays to Fridays, excluding public holidays.