Refund and adjustment of contributions paid

Request a refund or adjustment as soon as you notice that you need to correct a contributions submission. 

You can request one of these actions:

  • Refund of payments made for 1 employee
  • Refund of payment made for entire submission
  • Refund of payments made in excess of Additional Wage ceiling
  • Change CPF Submission Number
  • Change contributions month and year
  • Change payment recipient (change NRIC or CPF account number)

Important notes

  • When making a refund or adjustment involving an entire contributions record, please use the revised wage information template (csv format, 0.5kb)
  • To correct mistakes in an earlier refund or adjustment application, you do not need to use this form again. Write to us instead and include the transaction number in the message.

To complete this form, you will need:

  • Information from the relevant Record of Payment

Estimated time

  • 10 minutes
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