CPF Additional Wage Ceiling Calculator
(For Singapore Citizen / Third year PR)

Updated with rates effective from January 2022.

Employers may use this online calculator to calculate the Additional Wage (AW) Ceiling for private sector employees.

Important Notes
  • This form may take 5 minutes to complete.
  • Please note that the online calculator helps to calculate the Additional Wage (AW) Ceiling for private sector employees only.

  • If the Total Additional Wages for the affected year does not exceed the AW Ceiling, please use the CPF Contribution Calculator.
  • The preceding AW Ceiling is:
    $102,000 - Total Ordinary Wages subject to CPF for the year
  • If the AW is paid during the current year, use preceding year/projected current year's wage records to help you estimate the AW Ceiling. Key in the preceding year/projected current year's monthly Ordinary Wages in the Ordinary Wages column.
  • At the end of the current year, recalculate the AW ceiling using the actual Ordinary Wages subject to CPF for the year. Please pay any shortfall in contributions together with contributions for the month of December, or the last month of employment for the current year, whichever is earlier.
  • If there is any excess contribution, please apply for a refund using the form RFM/FORM CAPVC. You can submit the refund form found in my cpf - Online Applications.
  • If your employee has obtained Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) status in the last 2 years, click here for the SPR CPF Contribution. For more information, please contact us.
  • Please read the Disclaimer before proceeding further.

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