CPF Housing Usage for Shorter Lease Properties Calculator

This calculator helps to determine your eligibility and the maximum amount of CPF you can use to buy a shorter lease property.

Please note that the calculator is applicable if

  1. the date of purchase of the property is (i) on or after 1 July 2013 for HDB flats, and from 19 July 2005 for private properties; but (ii) before 10 May 2019 ; and
  2. the property has a remaining lease of less than 60 years at the point of purchase.

For properties bought on or after 10 May 2019 , click here to estimate how much CPF you can use for your property.

Important Notes
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For HDB flats, you can check HDB Website for Lease Duration and Lease Commencement Date.

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  • Lease Duration is the full lease period of your property, i.e., 99 years for leasehold or 999 for freehold.
  • Lease Commencement Date is the start date of the lease of your property.
  • Purchase Date
    1. HDB flats - refers to the date of application received by HDB to buy a flat. You can login with your SingPass at HDB Website to obtain this date.
    2. For HDB flats under construction bought under the Fresh Start Housing Scheme where the lease commencement date is in the future, please use the lease commencement date.
    3. Private properties - refers to the date that the seller states on the Option to Purchase. If there is no Option to Purchase, the purchase date refers to the date that the seller signs the Sale & Purchase Agreement.
    4. If you have yet to commit to the property purchase, you can still use the calculator to estimate the maximum amount of CPF that can be withdrawn for the property by using an approximate purchase date.
  • If you are buying a flat directly from HDB, please tick the 'Direct Purchase from HDB' box and input the purchase price of the property.
  • If you are buying a resale flat or private property, please input the purchase price and the value of the property at the time of purchase.
  • This calculator is not applicable if you are buying a HDB Studio Apartment/Short-lease 2-room Flexi flats.