CPF Investment Scheme Self-Awareness Questionnaire (SAQ)


  1. The CPF Investment Scheme (CPFIS) Self-Awareness Questionnaire (SAQ) starts with learning modules on investment concepts, products and information on charges under the CPFIS. You will then take a quiz where your results will help you assess if CPFIS is suitable for you.
  2. You can go through the learning modules at your own pace but will need to login with your SingPass to complete the quiz
  3. The CPFIS is for members who have the knowledge and time to invest and are prepared to take investment risk. You can invest under CPFIS if you:
    1. are at least 18 years old;
    2. are not an undischarged bankrupt; and
    3. have more than $20,000 in your Ordinary Account for CPFIS-Ordinary Account; or have more than $40,000 in your Special Account for CPFIS-Special Account
  4. From 1 October 2018, as a new CPFIS investor, you will need to take the SAQ before you can start investing under CPFIS.
  5. If you already have a CPFIS account and wish to check your SAQ status, you can click Check my CPFIS SAQ Status

Important Notes
  • The SAQ helps you assess if CPFIS is suitable for you through your learning and checking of your understanding on:
    1. Investment concepts such as risk-return relationship and what you should consider before investing; and
    2. Investment products and charges under CPFIS
  • All investments come with risk. Your investment decisions would impact your retirement nest egg. Only invest if you can take investment risk, can afford to invest, have the time to monitor your investments, and are confident of earning more than the CPF interest rates. Otherwise, you should leave your savings in your CPF accounts to earn the risk-free CPF interest rates.
  • The SAQ may take you about 30 minutes to complete.
  • All fields marked with are mandatory.

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