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Housing Scheme

QCan I use my CPF savings to pay stamp duty, survey and other related fees when I buy a property?

CPF savings can be used to pay the stamp duty and survey fees. However, monthly service and conservancy charges, and other charges related to the use of the property, including taxes, cannot be paid with your CPF savings. 

As stamp duty is payable within 14 days from the date of the sale and purchase agreement or the date of acceptance of the option to purchase, you will need to use cash to pay the stamp duty first. Subsequently, you can apply for a one-time reimbursement from your CPF account together with your application to use your CPF savings to buy a property.

  • For completed properties, you should apply for the one-time reimbursement of stamp duty and CPF lump sum drawdown on completion at the same time.
  • For properties under construction, you should apply for the one-time reimbursement of stamp duty on or before the date of the legal completion.
If the stamp duty is paid by the developer of your property, you are not allowed to seek reimbursement of the stamp duty from your CPF savings.

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