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MediShield Life

QWhat is being done to reduce the duplication of MediShield Life / Integrated Shield Plans (IPs) with employer medical benefits?

The Government encourages companies to move towards portable medical benefits to reduce duplication of employer medical benefits, in support of the national insurance plan. Employers who wish to implement portable medical benefits options today are supported by incentives to do so.

Employers can review the coverage and structure of their employer medical benefits, to tap on and even build on top of MediShield Life and Integrated Shield Plans (IPs) (which consist of MediShield Life and an additional private insurance coverage component provided by a MediSave-approved private insurer). This will provide portable insurance coverage for employees that they can continue to benefit from after their employment and during their retirement years.

Employers can also consider making additional contributions to their employees' MediSave or reimbursing MediShield Life / IP premium amounts into their employees' MediSave to support of the payment of premiums for MediShield Life (for lifelong coverage) / IPs.

The Government is working with the other Tripartite partners to study how we can help support more companies make this shift, and also looking into strengthening current incentives to companies that are willing to provide portable medical benefits for employees.

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