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QHow does the CPF LIFE Escalating Plan work?

The CPF LIFE Escalating Plan provides payouts that increase by 2% each year so that a member could generally maintain their standard of living even as prices rise over the years.

For example, things that cost $10 when you are 65 may cost $15 when you are 85. Under the Escalating Plan, a monthly payout that starts at $1,000 when you are 65 would reach approximately $1,500 by the time you are 85. This protects you against rising prices. To be more specific, the Escalating Plan has lower initial payouts which will increase by 2% per year. The 2% increase will take place every year in the month that the first payout was made.

Under this plan, all your Retirement Account savings will be deducted as CPF LIFE premium when you join CPF LIFE, which can be anytime from 65 to 70.

Your CPF LIFE monthly payouts will first be paid from your CPF LIFE premium. When your CPF LIFE premium is depleted, you will continue to receive the monthly payouts from the interest that you and other CPF LIFE members have accumulated, no matter how long you live.

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