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CPF Contribution for Employees

QHow can I top up my, my children or my loved ones’ CPF Account(s)?

You can top up to your, your children or your loved one’s:
  • Special / Retirement Account only under the Retirement Sum Topping Up Scheme (RSTU) (tax relief available). 
  • MediSave Account only (tax deductible* for recipient only); or 
  • Three CPF Accounts (non-tax deductible). 
You can find out more on which voluntary top-up is applicable to you. If you are making top-ups as a self-employed person, you can refer to the Self-Employed Scheme for more information.
Top-up is applicable to Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents only. You are encouraged to make top-ups early. All applications and payments should reach CPF Board before the last 7 working days of December to enjoy tax relief for the following year’s Tax Assessment and for it to be counted as the year’s CPF Annual Limit. Backdating of top-ups to previous years is not allowed.
To top up to your three CPF Accounts or MediSave Account, you can:
  • Set up a standing instruction for monthly top-up (only for top-up to three CPF accounts). Find out more
  • Make a one-time top up via e-Cashier using PayNow QR or eNETS Debit payment mode. If you are making a top-up to someone else, please ensure that you are not logged in to your CPF Account. To logout, click on the “logout” button at the top right-hand corner. 
*Please note that there will be a personal income tax relief cap of $80,000. This cap applies to the total amount of all tax reliefs claimed, including any relief on voluntary top-ups. For non-self-employed person, only voluntary top-ups to MediSave Account is tax deductible.
As accepted voluntary top-ups cannot be refunded, CPF members who make voluntary top-ups should take note of the overall personal income tax relief cap. You should evaluate whether you would benefit from tax relief on your voluntary top-ups and make an informed decision accordingly.
You can refer to the frequently asked questions (PDF, 0.2MB) or Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore website for more information on the personal income tax relief cap.

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