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09 Apr 2021 


Even if we are in the pink of health, there may be times when an unexpected illness or accident occurs. Here’s how MediSave supports you at every stage of recovery.

Infographic on the uses of MediSave at each recovery stage.

1. Surgery 

If you require day or inpatient surgery in the course of your treatment, you can use your MediSave for the medical procedure, up to the surgical limits. This amount can range from $250 to $7,550 and is based on the Table of Surgical Procedures from the Ministry of Health (see the section ‘Inpatient Care’).

2. Hospitalisation

The next step in your recovery process might require you to stay in the hospital for your doctors to monitor your health. If so, you will be able to use up to $550 per day for the first two days of your stay in the hospital and up to $400 per day for each subsequent day. For a day surgery, you can use $300 for ward charges. The amount will cover your hospitalisation expenses, including daily ward charges, daily treatment fees, investigations and medicines.

3. Rehabilitation 

For more serious accidents or illnesses, you may require rehabilitation in the last stage of recovery. Your MediSave can be used to offset the costs of such rehabilitation. If you are receiving inpatient treatment at a community hospital, you can use $250 per day and up to $5,000 per year. On the other hand, you can use $25 per day and up to $1,500 per year for outpatient treatment at a day rehabilitation centre.

In each of the above scenarios, do remember to inform the staff handling your hospital admission that you would like to use your MediSave. Stay healthy!

Information accurate as at April 2021.