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21 February 2022

Wallace Woon 

Source: The Straits Times © SPH Media Limited. Permission required for reproduction

S'poreans receiving govt payouts via cheques can now get payment from ATMs with new GovCash service

SINGAPORE - About 40,000 Singaporeans who receive government payouts via cheques can now withdraw the payments quickly and conveniently from an ATM with a new service called GovCash.


Launched by the Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board in collaboration with OCBC Bank and the Government Technology Agency, GovCash allows Singaporeans to withdraw government payments in cash from 500 OCBC ATMs across Singapore.


The board announced the launch of the service on Monday (Feb 21).

Some examples of government payments are the Workfare Income Supplement, Workfare Special Payment and Training Commitment Award.


Cheques are sent to recipients who are unable to use direct bank crediting to receive these payments. The CPF board said that GovCash replaces the current method of issuing cheques to these recipients.


Singaporeans do not need to have an OCBC account to use the ATMs for the GovCash service. Users of the service can get help from digital ambassadors if they visit ATMs located in the bank's branches during operating hours.


Besides withdrawing the payments in cash, Singaporeans can also choose to transfer the money to a bank account of their choice using PayNow via the LifeSG app and by logging in with their Singpass.


Mr Melvyn Low, head of global transaction banking at OCBC, said: "Being able to receive government payments instantly is a key benefit for Singaporeans. This is enabled by the convenience of self-service withdrawals from ATMs in a secure manner.


"OCBC is pleased to support the CPF Board in its mission to continually improve the service experience for Singaporeans through initiatives like GovCash, which takes us one step closer to the Smart Nation vision of serving citizens and businesses better through technology."


The CPF Board said that it received positive feedback during a pilot phase in December 2021 to test the roll-out of GovCash.


Madam Ruziyantee Mohd Sani, 47, who had been getting Workfare payment cheques from the Government, recently switched to GovCash.


She said: "The whole process of receiving payments with GovCash was very easy and convenient. I was able to do it by myself and withdraw the payment immediately at an OCBC ATM. I am happy that I no longer have to queue at the bank counter to encash my cheques."


Information updated as of 21/2/2022