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19 Mar 2020 


Pl​anning for your retirement can seem like an elusive goal, especially when you are nowhere near retirement age. However, it is a lot easier once you have set your desired targets.

Infographic on the questions to consider in planning for retirement.

1. What are your estimated monthly expenses during retirement?


Chun Wei estimates that he would need around $1,200 monthly for his daily needs and healthcare expenses, and allows himself an extra $500 for leisure. This adds up to about $1,700 per month, which is his desired monthly payouts from CPF LIFE

2. How much do you need to save for retirement?


Now that Chun Wei has worked out his desired CPF LIFE monthly payouts, he uses the CPF Planner -retirement income to calculate the retirement sum that he would ne​ed to save in his CPF.​


With CPF LIFE, Chun Wei can enjoy peace of mind with monthly payouts for as long as he lives!

3. How can you boost your retirement savings?


To further boost his retirement savings, Chun Wei intends to make small and regular top-ups to his Special Account (SA). The savings in his SA will grow with an attractive interest rate of up to 5% p.a.¹.


He also decides that if he has Ordinary Account ​(OA) savings he does not need for housing, he will transfer the monies to his SA to earn higher interest2.


Just like Chun Wei, find out more about how you can also grow your retirement nest egg with CPF here!

1 Includes extra interest, which is paid by the Government, on the first $60,000 of a member’s combined balances.  Read more about CPF interest rates here​.


2 ​For CPF members below age 55, and up to the current Full Retirement Sum only. Members aged 55 and above can transfer their SA and OA savings to their Retirement Account (RA), up to the current Enhanced Retirement Sum. CPF transfers are irreversible.​ 


Information updated as at  13/11/2020