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15 Jan 2021
SOURCE: DollarsAndSense

This article was originally published on 11 June 2020 and updated on 5 January 2021 with new recommendations. 

For those who want to keep up to date with ever-changing concepts, products, and policies in the personal finance space, a significant time investment is usually to be expected.

However, with podcasts, you can now keep yourself abreast of the latest developments and add to your own knowledge, whether that’s chilling on your sofa, while doing chores, or even during your exercise session.

From financial literacy and retirement planning to managing debt and entrepreneurship, here are 10 financial podcasts you should consider adding to your playlist.

#1 In Your Best Interest

The latest addition to the list, “In Your Best Interest” is started by Stashaway, one of Singapore’s robo-advisors. In a sit-down casual chat style, Philip Muedder, Stashaway’s Head of Personal Finance chats with his guests about finance, investing and entrepreneurship.


The latest episode, “How To FIRE”, may strike an interest in financial independence and early retirement for those who are hustling today. “How venture capital works” may be interesting to someone who is more entrepreneurial or curious about start-ups and venture capital.

#2 Kopi Time

Started after Circuit Breaker, “Kopi Time” with Taimur Baig, Chief Economist of DBS Bank delves deep into markets and economies of the world.  Taimur Baig interviews various experts to provide insightful discussions regarding economics and market developments.


From the latest vaccine news “Dr. Jenny Low on vaccines”, cryptocurrencies “Grayscale’s Michael Sonnenshein on private digital currencies” to thoughts about China “Slava Shilin on learning Mandarin and humanising China”, there is something for everyone who is interested in viewing the world through an economist’s view.

#3 Yield Hunters

Another new entrant to Singapore’s podcasts is “Yield Hunters” by Bondsupermart, a platform for fixed income investors. “Yield Hunters” explores market trends, themes and industries related to the fixed income world.


Interesting topics such as “High-Rise Apartments and High-Yield Bonds” and “Lower For Longer Interest Rates” will make you think harder about how interest rates affect our world and investors’ hunt for yield.


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#4 Freakonomics Radio

If you can’t get enough of Freakonomics from the books, you can subscribe to “Freakonomics Radio”. The podcast is hosted by Stephen J. Dubner, the co-author of Freakonomics, who, in the Freakonomics-style, discovers the hidden side of everything


From “How Do You Cure A Compassion Crisis” to “Is It Too Late For General Motors To Go Electric”, Dubner has a keen sense of news and economics to make you think deeper about the things you thought you know and discover things that you never thought you wanted to know (but do).


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#5 Money Hacks (The Business Times)

Hosted by Chris Lim of The Business Times and Ernest Luis from Straits Times Digital, “Money Hacks” is a fortnightly podcast that helps listeners to understand about the financial world and breaking them into actionable financial tips.


During the chats with movers and shakers in the finance industry, the duo covers a wide range of topics related to financial management. You can learn a myriad of topics, such as from property hunting, CPF investments to credit cards and entrepreneurship.


The podcast is casual, yet candid, with stories and examples that are drawn from insights and experiences of the guests. “Money Hacks” provides a good choice for millennial or anyone who is just getting started on their personal financial journey.

#6 Let’s Talk CPF (CPF Board)

“What happens to my money in my CPF after I pass on?”


“How do I save 50% of my income?”


These are some of the many hard-pressed questions posed by many people when it comes to retirement planning and their CPF monies. And this is where CPF’s own podcast “Let’s Talk CPF” comes in to answer them.


The podcast, which started in February 2020, touches on various topics and issues related to retirement planning and CPF schemes. The podcast invites guests from both the financial industry and the CPF Board to share their views and pointers, helping listeners to plan for their future through proper financial planning and prudent use of their CPF monies.


The podcast also serves to clarify any rumours and doubts relating to CPF schemes that one may have.


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#7 The Financial Coconut

Touted as the “first financial literacy podcast in Singapore”, “The Financial Coconut” aims to debunk financial myths and help uncover best financial practices to listeners. The podcast covers a range of topics on financial strategies, including stock markets and investments. It also draws inspiration from current affairs to touch on misconceptions and ideologies in investments.


Besides financial planning, the show occasionally invites guests to share their entrepreneurship/career journey, and how it has shaped their perspective in their outlook.


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#8 Money 89.3FM Podcasts

As the Singapore’s only radio station that is dedicated to personal finance and business, Money 89.3Fm dishes out the latest news on stocks, markets and current affairs.


Listeners who are interested in financial planning would likely be tuning in to Michelle Martin’s “Your Money” segment on weekday mornings, where she will discuss the latest market sentiment in “Market View” segment, as well as interviewing opinion experts in the financial industry on financial literacy on “Money and Me”.


In case you miss her show, fret not. The station’s website will upload past series of some of the segments in the show as podcasts that you can download and listen on the go, anytime and anywhere. Also, on the website are past broadcasts of the radio station’s segments on lifestyle, health and entertainment.


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#9 The DollarsAndSense Podcast

Besides written articles, DollarsAndSense has a series of podcasts for busy professionals to listen while on the go. Touching on a wide variety of topics such as from retirement planning to financial advisory and current affairs, the DollarsAndSense Podcast promises to serve up thought-provoking yet useful insights to every listener.

#10 The Dave Ramsey Show

If you need some advice in managing and getting out of debt, you should subscribe to “The Dave Ramsey Show”. The podcast is presented by American finance expert Dave Ramsey, who is well-known for his “specific steps” approach in helping people to achieve financial security, which includes the snowba​ll method.


The daily podcast offers a frank and no-nonsense advice on eliminating debt in a systematic and quick fashion, so as to quickly move on to achieve other goals. This is useful for those who have been struggling in managing and clearing their debt, and do not know what to do or where to start in getting an actionable plan out.


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