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I have withdrawn part of my Retirement Account savings using my property. What happens if I sell or transfer the property?

If you have withdrawn part of your Retirement Account (RA) savings using your property, you will need to refund the following when you sell or transfer the property:

  • the CPF principal amount that you had withdrawn for your property including the accrued interest (P+I); and
  • the amount withdrawn from RA that you have pledged to refund, if any.

The refunds will be made from your sales proceeds and will be used to restore your RA up to your Full Retirement Sum (FRS), which will increase* your monthly payouts.

This is important when you no longer own a property and will likely need to set aside more savings for higher monthly payouts to cover your rental and living expenses.

*If you are on CPF LIFE and have started your monthly payouts, the refunds to your RA will be used to increase your CPF LIFE premium.