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What if my next-of-kin did not make a Lasting Power of Attorney?

You can apply to the court to be appointed as the member's Deputy under the Mental Capacity Act if your next-of-kin did not make a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) and has lost his mental capacity to make decisions. As a guide, you may  wish to include the suggested clauses in the court order if you want to be empowered to manage all of the member's CPF matters.

The Family Justice Courts has also introduced a simplified application process for specific categories of applications. This process generally restricts the use of monies to $60,000 and below. For more information, please visit the Family Justice Courts' website.

To give the family time to apply for the court order, the member's caregiver may approach CPF Board to withdraw up to $10,000 of the member's CPF savings for the costs of the member's maintenance.