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What type of CPF withdrawals does the Daily Withdrawal Limit apply to and how do I change the Daily Withdrawal Limit?

The Daily Withdrawal Limit applies to CPF lump sum withdrawals made under withdrawals for immediate needs for members aged 55 and above.

A default online CPF withdrawal limit of $2,000 a day will be applied to all CPF members aged 55 and above. You can adjust the Daily Withdrawal Limit to any amount, from $0 up to $200,000, at any time under Account settings via Singpass authentication. Please note that any increase to the Daily Withdrawal Limit will be subject to Singpass Face Verification and a 12-hour cooling period.

You can also conveniently activate the CPF Withdrawal Lock under Account settings to instantly disable online withdrawal.

Please visit the FAQs below to find out more about Singpass Face Verification and the 12-hour cooling period:

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