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How do I apply for withdrawal under the Reduced Life Expectancy scheme?

To apply for withdrawal under the Reduced Life Expectancy scheme, you will need to:

1. Mail the original* medical certification form completed by an accredited doctor to:

CPF Board
Retirement Withdrawals Department (RWD)
Robinson Road P.O. Box 3060
Singapore 905060

2. Then submit the online application.

* If you are mailing your documents from overseas, all documents (except for original documents) must be witnessed/certified true by an official of a Singapore Overseas Mission with his official seal/stamp duly affixed.

Alternatively, if you are residing in a country which is part of the Apostille Convention:

  • Your documents must first be witnessed and certified true by a Notary Public;
  • Thereafter, the notarised documents must be certified by the designated Competent Authority of your country via the issuance of an apostille certificate.