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View personal CPF information and transactions for retirement, home ownership, healthcare, and more.

CPF overview

CPF empowers you to secure your life goals. Save for retirement, home ownership, and healthcare protection.

Growing your savings

For greater peace of mind in your golden years, CPF provides you with a strong foundation for retirement by helping you save for your retirement income, home ownership and healthcare needs.

Retirement income

Build a strong foundation for your retirement and get more from what you save in your golden years.

Home ownership

Owning a home can be affordable. Take care of your mortgage repayment, while protecting your retirement nest egg.

Healthcare financing

Learn how CPF can give you peace of mind to manage your basic healthcare sum and meet the costs of your healthcare needs.

Account services

Throughout your working life and in retirement, you can easily access your CPF account information using Singpass. To better manage your CPF savings, keep up with the latest news by having your contact details updated and subscribe to our email notifications.

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When can I start my monthly payouts?

You can start your monthly payouts any time from your payout eligibility age (PEA). Please refer to the table below for your applicable PEA.

Year of Birth

Payout Eligibility Age

1944 to 1949


1950 and 1951


1952 and 1953


1954 and after


If you were born before 1944, your PEA is 60.

If you have serious medical conditions, you can also apply for earlier withdrawal of your CPF savings. You may refer to this link for more details.

You can refer to this infographic (English (PDF, 0.2MB), Chinese (PDF, 0.5MB), Malay (PDF, 0.2MB), Tamil (PDF, 0.2MB)) for 5 Things To Note if you are on the Retirement Sum Scheme.